Petra Industries

Petra Industries

Transaction Background

Petra Industries consists of Signorino, Woodcut and Multiform. The Group is Australia’s leading supplier of premium porcelain, natural stone, tiles and engineered timber flooring to the Australian construction industry

Queens Lane Capital formed Petra Industries in 2018, with owner/founders retaining minority shareholdings in the combined Group

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Investment Merits

Growth Opportunity: Combination of three highly complimentary, Victorian market-leading brands with opportunity to scale existing platform across Australia

Customer Base: Well-diversified revenue base across residential, commercial and infrastructure customers mitigating geographic or sector cyclical risks

Sourcing Capabilities: Long term relationships with leading global suppliers

Scale Benefits: Competitive cost base with additional improvement levers

Key Developments

  • Significant investment in systems and processes to corporatise the Group
  • Experienced and effective management team, having completed succession from owner/founders
  • Successfully expanded footprint nationally with presence in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia
  • Capital structure optimisation supporting Group subsidiaries
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